Goodness, I love how the sun is beaming thru my windows this beautiful Monday morning. I just can’t contain the joy it makes me feel. I’m watching Ellis, our one-year old kitten, nap on the buffalo plaid down curled up with such sweetness on our quaint brass bed from the 1930’s. I’m reminded how blessed I am and want to keep hold of moments such as this.

Just a few moments later I’m up, apron on and ready to plant some pretty flowers by our new trough pool, perfect for farm life. If you want the perfect place to cool off this summer, you can see how I installed our stock tank pool. It will truly be a life saver in the dog days of summer and besides being adorable, it’s affordable. To compliment the space, my sweetheart, Donovan, just built this deck around the pool for us to make family memories and thought y’all might enjoy it or find some inspiration.

 I can’t be happier that Spring is finally here. The winter been long and riddled with unrelenting illness and some idleness here at the farm. But with the warm weather and blooms brings new life to our little farm in the city and I’m joyful to announce that Wheat Brothers Farms is opening for the season on May 1st!

We have a new little new cobblestone pathway inspired from our European holiday last summer, new merchandise, including vintage inspired aprons, tea towels and jewelry, and one noticeably new addition is our vintage horse trailer, Longhorn Coffee Bar and Saloon. If you’re in the neighborhood or wanderin’ about downtown Medford, come on by. Pick up a coffee, a fresh pie and a sweet gift for yourself or someone special.  

You all are going to love our new items, perfect for Mother’s Day gifts or a special occasion. Our sweet apron collection is inspired by my great granny Ayers. She was a special lady, full of spitfire and grace, as well as the most knowledgeable chicken farmer this side of the Mississippi. My Great Granny Ayers apron collection are handcrafted and handstitched originals, just like she was.

Looking forward to seeing y’all at the farm. We’ll be open starting on Wednesday, 10am-2pm. So be sure to come on by and take a peek at what we have been doing here at Wheat Brothers Farms and Longhorn Coffee Bar and Saloon. The front porch and some sweet tea are here waiting’ for ya.


lilacs in bloom

lilac photo

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As the season draws to a close, I wanted to share my reflections with you.  Fall is the season for gratitude. Gratitude for what we have and for the people who came before us and paved the way.

Learning and Remembering

Autumn is a time of learning, of letting go of what is weighing you down and pressing forward. Without the comforts of shade or shelter, it is a time of trudging through the uncertainty of what may lie ahead.

When I began Wheat Brothers Farms I wanted to recall the memories of my great granny and her resilience through the great depression, through the time when our home was established, and the families that were raised within its walls. There is a legacy behind everything that I do at our small farmhouse, whether it’s from my family or the Earharts, the family who founded Wheat Brothers. I wanted to create a community of people who love to reminisce of days gone bye, and who slow down to enjoy all that farm life has to offer; for those that are willing to take a moment.


Each November since my son was born I take a small index card and each day write something I’m grateful for on it. It’s a tradition that his father and I began years ago and I’ve continued it to this day. The harvest festival we hosted at our small home reminded me of those small index cards and for each person that showed up for the three weeks we hosted. I could not have imagined what a loving outpouring of support we would have and for that I’m grateful.  I added your names to the small index cards, so that when I look back someday,or maybe when I look back and I’m having a tough day and wondering why I decided to do this small vintage roadside farmstand, I would be reminded of those people who came to support our family and the traditions we value most at this time of year.   I’m grateful for each of you and thankful you are here and may the season finds you well.










Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

Gratitude Journal: Our Family Tradition

15 sheets of scrap booking paper (autumn theme if you want)
Cut into 4×4 squares with a hole punched into the corner of each sheet.
Tie together with twine.
Write a little something for each day of November you’re grateful for. Have each one in your family do the same. Label them each year and enjoy for years to come with wonderful memories.


We have so much to be grateful for.


And speaking of grateful, Thank you Sweet Cream for being a part of our first annual Autumn Harvest Festival!

Thank you Sweet Cream!

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Longhorn Waterin’ Hole

  1. Installing a Stock Tank Pool.

    Stock tank pools are not only cost effective, but quite easy to keep sparkling fresh and clean! The suction from the pump works quite well, so I suggest to turn it off while the kids are swimmin’ round!

Gibson assembling the pallets from Nana’s

Growing up we would swim or dip our feet in the horse troughs out at my great uncles. Even when we had our own few heads of cattle growin up on the farm of my youth, we used those same troughs.
Installation is a breeze, and can be put up in a jiffy! Before you embark on creating your own stock tank pool of your dreams, here is a list of materials to get you started. Id also like to suggest to check your local weather before y’all get started. Here in Oregon the weather changes at a drop of a hat! And trust me it’s no fun if there’s no sun!! ☀


Level, 2×4, play sand, Stock Tank, Drill, Hole Saw Kit, Hose Converter Kit, Plumbers Putty, Clean Filter and a Net Skimmer.


I began by diggin a hole about 8 inches or so deep, the same size around as my stock tank pool. Then I proceeded to dump all the play sand into the hole I dug. I used 8 bags in total but it depends on the size of your peticular stock tank. I then took a 2×4 and put my level on-top to make sure the sand evened out just right. Since we have old pear trees in our yard with roots that like to take over, it can be tricky to make things level. Im glad to say that overall there were not any major issues with installation done only by yours truly. I was hustlin’ to get everything done in time as a surprise thank you gift to my sweetheart, before he and our older boys came home from being out of town a few days!

The only minor set back I encountered was pulling one stubborn root out, and then the rest of the sand levelded like a breeze. After that I plunked that ole stock tank on the sand and put in the hose. I then filled it with water and quickly realized that the two holes for the Conversion kit were not drilled. This required a drain of the pool and two holes to be cut in to the stock tank. Ya’ll will need to drill them 2′ apart near the rim. Use your drill and a metal bit to cut the holes. Then attach the hardware into the holes and seal those puppies up with the epoxy plumbers putty. This took a few days to set between thunderstorms in our area. Lastly attach the filter, the filters tubes, then fill with water. It really is THAT simple.

the boys

Blessings Abundant,

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms




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