Pancakes & Pajamas

written by Cheyla October 8, 2018


Pancakes & Pajamas


Last Saturday, I had the privilege of sitting down and breaking bread with some of the favorite women in my life. They not only inspire me to be a better mother, friend and companion, but also encourage me to be a better version of myself. They speak the truth even though it’s hard at times to hear. (* wink, momma) I absolutely adore every one of these women, but wish I had a table long enough to fit all the beautiful people in my life and honor each one of them.

I first had this idea in the Autumn of 2015 and decided that every year, I would like to host a small brunch at my home to recognize five or six women in my life that challenge me, make me dig a little deeper, and slow down a little bit as well. We enjoy  great laughs, togetherness and a whole lot of great food.

It’s so easy to lose site of the big picture of life. We all have the tendency to get so fixated on the here and now, that the then and there
seems so far away. The truth is we just need to take a moment in our lives for fellowship. I think that’s what is at the heart of these times of gathering show me.

I truly cherish all the memories that I generate from our time together….My wonderful friend whose laugh is so infectious that every time I’m around her my heart grows in full measure. Or the beautiful woman next to me who shows up in her bunny slippers because she knows that those things mean so much to me and she’s even sweet enough to let me photograph her in them. Another one of my dearest friends whom God brought into my life has wonderful taste. Her family, including six children, are nothing short of goodness and wholeness. And, as a bonus, she can cook. I mean really make good food and I LOVE good food!

Just like trying new things to eat, I also work hard to never be afraid to try something new in life no matter where the Lord leads me. I am thankful for a life well lived and a smile to keep trudging thru in the pursuit of all things good.

These times together are a true celebration of family, togetherness and the simplicities of life. Thank you to this beautiful group of women for coming, each one of you. I look forward to our next gathering.

And also my boys & the wonderful man I’m blessed to walk with through this road of life. You’re a fine man and I appreciate you being such a good host and loving each one of these glorious women in our lives like I do.

Blessings abundant,


Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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