Installing a Stock Tank Pool

written by Cheyla June 26, 2018


Longhorn Waterin’ Hole

  1. Installing a Stock Tank Pool.

    Stock tank pools are not only cost effective, but quite easy to keep sparkling fresh and clean! The suction from the pump works quite well, so I suggest to turn it off while the kids are swimmin’ round!

Gibson assembling the pallets from Nana’s

Growing up we would swim or dip our feet in the horse troughs out at my great uncles. Even when we had our own few heads of cattle growin up on the farm of my youth, we used those same troughs.
Installation is a breeze, and can be put up in a jiffy! Before you embark on creating your own stock tank pool of your dreams, here is a list of materials to get you started. Id also like to suggest to check your local weather before y’all get started. Here in Oregon the weather changes at a drop of a hat! And trust me it’s no fun if there’s no sun!! ☀


Level, 2×4, play sand, Stock Tank, Drill, Hole Saw Kit, Hose Converter Kit, Plumbers Putty, Clean Filter and a Net Skimmer.


I began by diggin a hole about 8 inches or so deep, the same size around as my stock tank pool. Then I proceeded to dump all the play sand into the hole I dug. I used 8 bags in total but it depends on the size of your peticular stock tank. I then took a 2×4 and put my level on-top to make sure the sand evened out just right. Since we have old pear trees in our yard with roots that like to take over, it can be tricky to make things level. Im glad to say that overall there were not any major issues with installation done only by yours truly. I was hustlin’ to get everything done in time as a surprise thank you gift to my sweetheart, before he and our older boys came home from being out of town a few days!

The only minor set back I encountered was pulling one stubborn root out, and then the rest of the sand levelded like a breeze. After that I plunked that ole stock tank on the sand and put in the hose. I then filled it with water and quickly realized that the two holes for the Conversion kit were not drilled. This required a drain of the pool and two holes to be cut in to the stock tank. Ya’ll will need to drill them 2′ apart near the rim. Use your drill and a metal bit to cut the holes. Then attach the hardware into the holes and seal those puppies up with the epoxy plumbers putty. This took a few days to set between thunderstorms in our area. Lastly attach the filter, the filters tubes, then fill with water. It really is THAT simple.

the boys

Blessings Abundant,

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms




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