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Donovan built me a greenhouse!

I’ve been dreaming about having my own greenhouse and English garden ever since we left Europe in 2018. Beautiful open windows, ample produce for our family and just the right amount of character.

When we first decided to add a greenhouse, we thought we could use the old rustic windows that had been removed from our 1910 farmhouse. However, the more we thought about it, we decided that while we love chippy and white, one-hundred year-old glass panes and three boys didn’t go very well. Instead we opted for the Costco version and bought the Harmony 6x8ft greenhouse. It’s design is still full of charm and character and of course includes touches of that old-world English panache.

Even in the short time that we have had it, the greenhouse has become a place I enjoy quietly sitting and reading my bible. It’s a place I can be warm on a chilly Spring morning and I’m quite loving how its presence is so unique nestled in our little farm in the city. We’ve also added bits of character and the newest addition to be added, darling pickets my friend, Sara, so graciously gave to us. These old wooden delights will add so much charm around the greenhouse exterior. 

As for the garden, the seedlings have started their deep root systems. Gibson and I have enjoyed watching our watermelon pop-up in rows and we are just really hoping we see the “fruits of our labors” handsomely rewarded with bountiful corn, tomatoes, kale & watermelon to enjoy this Summer.

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms
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In my greenhouse this morning, I sit sipping coffee and reading my bible. The sun is coming thru the large catalpa tree and the sky is the perfect shade of blue. 

the new greenhouse

Something about the smell of freshly planted lilacs and the sound of my hens caught me a little off guard. I suddenly feel a deep sense of connection to my home…. to its roots, the paint and the heavy beams.

I’ve never not valued my home. In fact, it’s what I love to chat about the most, next to my family. Yet, this fine spring morning has me thinking about how blessed I am. THIS is MY farmhouse. My home. My shelter. It deserves my absolute best because it gives me its very best.

This old farmhouse has truly watched this valley grow-up.  It has churned our butter and grew our wheat at the turn of the century, fed generations of families, weathered the rains of uncertainty and has now withstood two pandemics. She has lived through no less than eighteen sitting US presidents, two world wars, sickness and disease, a stock markets crash, grievance of death and brilliance of life. The ticker tape running thru my mind of her accomplishments is remarkable. 

Its hedges are a pillar of biblical strength that God said in that moment, I have a literal hedge of protection around you my child. I just began to let myself feel all this steadfast our home has seen and endured and now she’s here with me sheltering my dearest loves and keeping us safe. I am one blessed being to have one of the most curated and decorated homes of a lifetime. I look again at its structure and sigh— what a piece of remarkable history. I am honored to call her my very own.  

Our Home.

A poem to my home:

You’re a steadfast moment that stands still in a time of uncertainty.

Your foundation solid, the pitches in your peaks just enough high reaching to let the rains stroll down your sides.

Your brilliance of white, pure. Holy. Reverent. 

You’re keeping us sheltered, we honor that and think fondly of all the families you’ve kept within these walls safely for 110 years. 

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Goodness, I love how the sun is beaming thru my windows this beautiful Monday morning. I just can’t contain the joy it makes me feel. I’m watching Ellis, our one-year old kitten, nap on the buffalo plaid down curled up with such sweetness on our quaint brass bed from the 1930’s. I’m reminded how blessed I am and want to keep hold of moments such as this.

Just a few moments later I’m up, apron on and ready to plant some pretty flowers by our new trough pool, perfect for farm life. If you want the perfect place to cool off this summer, you can see how I installed our stock tank pool. It will truly be a life saver in the dog days of summer and besides being adorable, it’s affordable. To compliment the space, my sweetheart, Donovan, just built this deck around the pool for us to make family memories and thought y’all might enjoy it or find some inspiration.

 I can’t be happier that Spring is finally here. The winter been long and riddled with unrelenting illness and some idleness here at the farm. But with the warm weather and blooms brings new life to our little farm in the city and I’m joyful to announce that Wheat Brothers Farms is opening for the season on May 1st!

We have a new little new cobblestone pathway inspired from our European holiday last summer, new merchandise, including vintage inspired aprons, tea towels and jewelry, and one noticeably new addition is our vintage horse trailer, Longhorn Coffee Bar and Saloon. If you’re in the neighborhood or wanderin’ about downtown Medford, come on by. Pick up a coffee, a fresh pie and a sweet gift for yourself or someone special.  

You all are going to love our new items, perfect for Mother’s Day gifts or a special occasion. Our sweet apron collection is inspired by my great granny Ayers. She was a special lady, full of spitfire and grace, as well as the most knowledgeable chicken farmer this side of the Mississippi. My Great Granny Ayers apron collection are handcrafted and handstitched originals, just like she was.

Looking forward to seeing y’all at the farm. We’ll be open starting on Wednesday, 10am-2pm. So be sure to come on by and take a peek at what we have been doing here at Wheat Brothers Farms and Longhorn Coffee Bar and Saloon. The front porch and some sweet tea are here waiting’ for ya.


lilacs in bloom

lilac photo

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As the season draws to a close, I wanted to share my reflections with you.  Fall is the season for gratitude. Gratitude for what we have and for the people who came before us and paved the way.

Learning and Remembering

Autumn is a time of learning, of letting go of what is weighing you down and pressing forward. Without the comforts of shade or shelter, it is a time of trudging through the uncertainty of what may lie ahead.

When I began Wheat Brothers Farms I wanted to recall the memories of my great granny and her resilience through the great depression, through the time when our home was established, and the families that were raised within its walls. There is a legacy behind everything that I do at our small farmhouse, whether it’s from my family or the Earharts, the family who founded Wheat Brothers. I wanted to create a community of people who love to reminisce of days gone bye, and who slow down to enjoy all that farm life has to offer; for those that are willing to take a moment.


Each November since my son was born I take a small index card and each day write something I’m grateful for on it. It’s a tradition that his father and I began years ago and I’ve continued it to this day. The harvest festival we hosted at our small home reminded me of those small index cards and for each person that showed up for the three weeks we hosted. I could not have imagined what a loving outpouring of support we would have and for that I’m grateful.  I added your names to the small index cards, so that when I look back someday,or maybe when I look back and I’m having a tough day and wondering why I decided to do this small vintage roadside farmstand, I would be reminded of those people who came to support our family and the traditions we value most at this time of year.   I’m grateful for each of you and thankful you are here and may the season finds you well.










Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

Gratitude Journal: Our Family Tradition

15 sheets of scrap booking paper (autumn theme if you want)
Cut into 4×4 squares with a hole punched into the corner of each sheet.
Tie together with twine.
Write a little something for each day of November you’re grateful for. Have each one in your family do the same. Label them each year and enjoy for years to come with wonderful memories.


We have so much to be grateful for.


And speaking of grateful, Thank you Sweet Cream for being a part of our first annual Autumn Harvest Festival!

Thank you Sweet Cream!

November 13, 2018 1 comment
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Good Morning from Wheat Brothers Farms.

All my life I have had a stillframe in my mind of what my home would look like down to the trim paint and perfectly curated pieces of the past.

I’ve been an antique collector since I was 5 years old and thanks to my momma, I also know how to spot good craftsmanship compared to a knock off. I’ve been storing my collection all these years, knowing that one day I would have a farmhouse of my own and now I do! My family and I are the proud owners of one of the oldest farmhouses in the Rogue Valley and living here means my dreams have finally come to fruition.

Our 1910 farmhouse has been home to many families and I believe I may love it the most. Its character and charm will be here long after I’ve gone, but the history of our downtown lies within its walls. This once 157 acre Wheat Farm ran by the Earhart Family is now mine to steward and for that I’m so blessed and humbly grateful.

This week I am excited to collaborate with some other ladies in Southern Oregon who own beautiful farmhouses of their own. We’re taking you along for an authentic farmhouse tour of our homes and can’t wait to show you around. Each day this week a different farmhouse will be featured, so be sure that you’re following us on Instagram!

Katie @thehappyishhomestead

Lindsey @blacksheepdesignco

Jamie @arcadyhome

Cheyla @wheatbrothersfarms

Tune in each day this week at 8am PT.

Here’s a sneak peak of Wheat Brothers Farms and the place I call home.

Come on in… coffees on…


Y’all come back now, ya hear?

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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Pancakes & Pajamas


Last Saturday, I had the privilege of sitting down and breaking bread with some of the favorite women in my life. They not only inspire me to be a better mother, friend and companion, but also encourage me to be a better version of myself. They speak the truth even though it’s hard at times to hear. (* wink, momma) I absolutely adore every one of these women, but wish I had a table long enough to fit all the beautiful people in my life and honor each one of them.

I first had this idea in the Autumn of 2015 and decided that every year, I would like to host a small brunch at my home to recognize five or six women in my life that challenge me, make me dig a little deeper, and slow down a little bit as well. We enjoy  great laughs, togetherness and a whole lot of great food.

It’s so easy to lose site of the big picture of life. We all have the tendency to get so fixated on the here and now, that the then and there
seems so far away. The truth is we just need to take a moment in our lives for fellowship. I think that’s what is at the heart of these times of gathering show me.

I truly cherish all the memories that I generate from our time together….My wonderful friend whose laugh is so infectious that every time I’m around her my heart grows in full measure. Or the beautiful woman next to me who shows up in her bunny slippers because she knows that those things mean so much to me and she’s even sweet enough to let me photograph her in them. Another one of my dearest friends whom God brought into my life has wonderful taste. Her family, including six children, are nothing short of goodness and wholeness. And, as a bonus, she can cook. I mean really make good food and I LOVE good food!

Just like trying new things to eat, I also work hard to never be afraid to try something new in life no matter where the Lord leads me. I am thankful for a life well lived and a smile to keep trudging thru in the pursuit of all things good.

These times together are a true celebration of family, togetherness and the simplicities of life. Thank you to this beautiful group of women for coming, each one of you. I look forward to our next gathering.

And also my boys & the wonderful man I’m blessed to walk with through this road of life. You’re a fine man and I appreciate you being such a good host and loving each one of these glorious women in our lives like I do.

Blessings abundant,


Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall” – Oscar Wilde

It’s coming on October, and the crunchy leaves are finally filling the streets with such warmth, almost like a blanket. I have a new book sitting on my bedside table. It’s waiting for me and I’m still looking for a new pair of glasses. I am so happy to finally be back in our autumn “back to class” routine. We always have a routine at the farmhouse, but something’s shifting round here, and after all the smoke from wildfires plaguing us this summer, I will take the chilly air with a gracious smile on my face and a warm pumpkin spice latte.

Our routine refreshes my soul and those kiddos seem to thrive. I’m 100% convinced, and have read countless articles in the area of SAHM’s, that children who have daily steadiness and routine are far more likely to be more capable adults who contribute well to society and personal relationships.  I’m no scholar on this subject, but being home with my son for the past 7 years has been for me the most rewarding and fulfilling role I’ve ever had in my life. I cannot imagine anything else, nor would I want too.

Back to class means it’s time to take my little man to get a new assortment of books for autumn at the local bookstore, and our favorite little rummage book store as well. I rummage through his vintage library cart in his bedroom to find JUST the right amount of autumn books.

He loves certain ones (his classics) Little Pea” and Little Nut Brown Hare which his daddy used to read to him quite often, and now a story about a little tree. One for the littles is by my friend in Canada, Miss M, called “HOME”.

Each year one of my dearest friends and I get our our back to school junk out and create our back to school mantels and if you think okay that’s cute… we also help one another on our porches, it’s like the most fun two adult women who love to junk and love & met at a home depot workshop can actually have.

I’d love to show you what hers looks like and if you haven’t, go check out her blog:


The only photo from our house is a side shot of our piano. I think my favorite part is the abacus & the “Peachy” folders from the 1980’s.


In the need for good autumn reads? These three have breathed life into me. Seriously good stuff.  


And of course what would fall be without my three gents heading back to class.

8th grade4th grade1st grade

By the way Gavin seems so stoic here that it’s wrecking my heart.  Loves to sit in tree houses like a boy, but too grown to be photographed. Oh how they grow.

Welcome back…I love routine, like a lot.



Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms


Wheat Brothers Farms



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When the Rooster Crows

I’m sitting in the garden under my pergola behind the laurel hedges which have grown into a lush abundance this spring and deciding whether or not to have another piece of quiche loraine or a tall glass of lemonade. The savory quiche loraine is quite an impressive dish. If you love it for brunch you’ll enjoy it all day. I’m imaging you sitting here with me in the garden and we are going on about how the first week of our season beginning and so I’ll start the story as if we were already in a conversation of sorts about spring gardens and which starts are taking well to the soil and how the onions seem so full of flavor and how the butter lettuce is quite a beautiful shade of green.


I must also tell you, friend, our friends here in the neighborhood have quite taken a likening to our adventure of Wheat Brothers Farms and many of you all have come to say hello and chat for a bit or just a well-wishers hug and smile. I’m so grateful for y’all my heart could burst.

This little roadside farmstand pays an homage to my great granny whose chicken farming and spirit drove our families roots deep and her where with all to endure when many had less than none to give. I’m blessed to have such a legacy to share with you. So, this week if you’re out and about and need a little place to come and grab a little southern sized portion of my Quiche Loraine or perhaps a hankering for some homemade blackberry pie I’ll be here with some adorable baby chickens who came home yesterday and I would love to introduce you to them and have a little visit. Thank you for making my first week as full and wonderful as I could possibly imagine. The support y’all have shown me has me quite humbled. It’s really good stuff.

I’ll be ‘round the farm from 10–2 (ish) Tuesday–Friday.

Blessings Abundant,

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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The farmers market in our small little valley has opened for the season, and that means spring has begun. I’m currently sitting in my home surrounded by the sounds of baby chicks and a seed catalog on my lap as I’m dreaming and planning the wildflower garden for my home. It’s a refreshing Saturday.

I Worsh Clothes

My home is warm and full of love. It needs a bit of tidying up and whatnot, so I’ve decided it’s just about time to call out the window washers and get to work on those pesky baseboards. I enjoy a clean, fresh breezy home. Opening the windows of this 1910 farmhouse and letting in the sounds of life coming to visit once again. The light sheers blowing in the softness of the breeze, and fresh gardenias and lilacs scents that as Robert Frost once penned “make us happy in the happy bees.”

Spring Has Sprung

So, with Spring comes maintenance, and I don’t mind it, not one single bit. I actually have come to quite enjoy the rewards of an honest, hard labor, and nothing quite beats the smell of freshly cut grass. In my young years, my stepfather would put me on that ole Forest Gump lawn mower, and for acres I spent learning how to drive and earned minor duckets by cutting our huge yard and pasture. Days I cherished and recall with a welcomed warm smile as an adult.

I’ve learned that antique homes come full of charm and often with their own set of blueprints. Mine comes with a daily scrub and a good old recipe, consistently.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves, put on our aprons, and get to it. Doing some sort of deep cleaning daily I have found helps combat the “BIG cleans.” Like, you know, the ones that tend to be ebbing at your mind as Spring springs.

In reality, many moms work outside of their homes as well, and that is nothing to turn your nose up at. I’m so very blessed to be able to stay home with my son and be in every facet of his life, especially now in his very formative years, preparing him to be a decent and kind husband is really why I keep such a tight ship. I want him to know that a home is only going to be as clean as he and the family living in it make it — daily tending to their “ship.” I also find that teaching young children to earn their keep by assigning daily chores is a very good life skill set. This will not only help him appreciate his wife and children, but by sharing the load will help him see the value in an honest day’s work, because raising a decent child and tending to a little farm as well as being a homemaker is truly the cornerstone of a family. So, I keep my family healthy and anyone I’m blessed to have come visit for a minute. Teaching them that washing hands regularly is a good thing when you come home from class and such, and it’s a simple way to ensure good cleanliness.

Read, Set, Go!

Each and every morning since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I opened my eyes and tended to making my bed. I know it sounds simple, but that little luxury when you’ve come home and put in a long hard day’s work to climb into a bed that is freshly washed, pressed, and smells so yummy is such a delight.

I set out to deep clean something each and every day. This may include a quick swiffer under all the beds and/or cleaning the glass in the apothecary cabinet where we store all our linens and paper products. In a small home, one must be very disciplined not to over purchase daily needs. By that I mean I simply don’t have the storage means to accommodate a large Costco anything. It’s just that in the turn of the century most families did not possess nearly what we have at this present day. I don’t keep sets upon sets of linens, I simply cannot do so. When I decide to have a clean sheet day, I pull off the bedding once a week and replace it by the day’s end. It’s that simple really. It just takes the discipline to get that load finished and dried. Living small is a mindset for certain.

The Best Room in the House

Tidying Up KitchenI enjoy spending a great deal of time in my farmhouse kitchen. It is the centerpiece of our home. It’s what our beautiful guests see when they enter. On our open shelving of subway tile, I like to use a microfiber towel and a small amount of Method spray to clean any splatter and such, and then I dry the area with another clean microfiber cloth. I have found that this will help anyone struggling with the streaks on their subway tile.

In our kitchen, we have an open range gas fire stove. I prefer cooking with gas rather than electric, and find that the food keeps better, cooks more consistently, and the deep flavors marry in a smokier, almost mesquite, flavor. Yet those little gas burners need a deep cleaning once in a great while to keep them nice and de-junky. I pull each one off and empty them into a large gallon-sized zip lock bag and fill the bag with half a cup of baking soda and slowly add about a tablespoon per grill to reach back and let it sit closed for about 10-15 minutes. When you come back and pour out the contents, those grills will sparkle with a little elbow grease and a nice thread count paper towel to remove the gunk. That same mixture you can use on the cooktop to create the paste and your sweet little cooktop will shine right up.

Daily Cleaning Time

During my daily thirty minutes, I take a broom over the entire home and in a farmhouse full of little boys and little critters, rugs and carpet would be a dreadful site. That’s why I use a very nice broom and dustpan (I promise it’s worth the investment if you use it daily on hardwood flooring), and every two to three days I run the swiffer over the entire home. I don’t even own a vacuum any longer as it were.

While the first load of laundry is going and waiting for a switchover, I spend a concentrated amount of time in the powder rooms. I don’t know about you, but when you finish cleaning a bathroom you feel like you could conquer pretty much anything. I use bleach in the bowls and let that set because, well, my grandmother did it and so does my mom. I find myself windexing all the glass surfaces and getting those finished in order to concentrate on the claw feet and the subway tile flooring that will need more attention. Now, I don’t deep clean my bathrooms daily, but I do try to clean them every 2–3 days, usually when I pull the shower rugs to wash them. It makes for a good time as the wash rugs are cycling thru. I know this may sound a bit Monica from friends but yes, I do if you’re thinking clean and de-junk that old washer and drier as well. I also recommend each Spring you clean out your dryer vents and hose that connects to the unit. Many house fires begin in this area of a home. You could add that to your New Year’s battery and smoke detector checks, but I tend to do it in the Spring, totally up to you.

The floors in my bathrooms are a bit challenging and require a lot of attention. White flooring is a stinkin’ mess at times, but when you can get on your hands and knees and scrub them using this mixture, it will shine up like a new penny.

The Worst of The Worst

The toilets are, let’s face it, the most unflattering area of a home. I go in with a mindset to clean it and do it quickly. You will need a toothbrush and a screwdriver to remove the lid and small coverings over the toilet mount covers. Yes, friend, there are a lot of germs so wear a pair of good rubber gloves and clean with a lot of baby wipes. Once you begin to do it regularly, this process will quicken over time and it will become second nature, and that smell that a lot of bathrooms of little boys have, or big guys for that matter, will not have that permitting urine stench. With that toothbrush, I clean the smallest crevasse, one for the toilet and one for behind the sink faucets. You can use q-tips for this task as well. I also interchange at times SOS pads when something has a small amount of rust built up on the surface.

I can imagine that this seems so overwhelming as you begin, but I promise you that you’ll be so happy to have a tidy and clean home. Start small today. Tackle that linen closet or remove all the shoes from the bottoms of your closets and sweep or vacuum the bottom. Little small tasks are just a beginning. So grab a cup of coffee, put on some really great music, and enjoy as you tend to the heart of your life — your home.

Blessings Abundant,

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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