written by Cheyla May 8, 2018

When the Rooster Crows

I’m sitting in the garden under my pergola behind the laurel hedges which have grown into a lush abundance this spring and deciding whether or not to have another piece of quiche loraine or a tall glass of lemonade. The savory quiche loraine is quite an impressive dish. If you love it for brunch you’ll enjoy it all day. I’m imaging you sitting here with me in the garden and we are going on about how the first week of our season beginning and so I’ll start the story as if we were already in a conversation of sorts about spring gardens and which starts are taking well to the soil and how the onions seem so full of flavor and how the butter lettuce is quite a beautiful shade of green.


I must also tell you, friend, our friends here in the neighborhood have quite taken a likening to our adventure of Wheat Brothers Farms and many of you all have come to say hello and chat for a bit or just a well-wishers hug and smile. I’m so grateful for y’all my heart could burst.

This little roadside farmstand pays an homage to my great granny whose chicken farming and spirit drove our families roots deep and her where with all to endure when many had less than none to give. I’m blessed to have such a legacy to share with you. So, this week if you’re out and about and need a little place to come and grab a little southern sized portion of my Quiche Loraine or perhaps a hankering for some homemade blackberry pie I’ll be here with some adorable baby chickens who came home yesterday and I would love to introduce you to them and have a little visit. Thank you for making my first week as full and wonderful as I could possibly imagine. The support y’all have shown me has me quite humbled. It’s really good stuff.

I’ll be ‘round the farm from 10–2 (ish) Tuesday–Friday.

Blessings Abundant,

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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