Back to School

written by Cheyla September 26, 2018
back to school

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall” – Oscar Wilde

It’s coming on October, and the crunchy leaves are finally filling the streets with such warmth, almost like a blanket. I have a new book sitting on my bedside table. It’s waiting for me and I’m still looking for a new pair of glasses. I am so happy to finally be back in our autumn “back to class” routine. We always have a routine at the farmhouse, but something’s shifting round here, and after all the smoke from wildfires plaguing us this summer, I will take the chilly air with a gracious smile on my face and a warm pumpkin spice latte.

Our routine refreshes my soul and those kiddos seem to thrive. I’m 100% convinced, and have read countless articles in the area of SAHM’s, that children who have daily steadiness and routine are far more likely to be more capable adults who contribute well to society and personal relationships.  I’m no scholar on this subject, but being home with my son for the past 7 years has been for me the most rewarding and fulfilling role I’ve ever had in my life. I cannot imagine anything else, nor would I want too.

Back to class means it’s time to take my little man to get a new assortment of books for autumn at the local bookstore, and our favorite little rummage book store as well. I rummage through his vintage library cart in his bedroom to find JUST the right amount of autumn books.

He loves certain ones (his classics) Little Pea” and Little Nut Brown Hare which his daddy used to read to him quite often, and now a story about a little tree. One for the littles is by my friend in Canada, Miss M, called “HOME”.

Each year one of my dearest friends and I get our our back to school junk out and create our back to school mantels and if you think okay that’s cute… we also help one another on our porches, it’s like the most fun two adult women who love to junk and love & met at a home depot workshop can actually have.

I’d love to show you what hers looks like and if you haven’t, go check out her blog:


The only photo from our house is a side shot of our piano. I think my favorite part is the abacus & the “Peachy” folders from the 1980’s.


In the need for good autumn reads? These three have breathed life into me. Seriously good stuff.  


And of course what would fall be without my three gents heading back to class.

8th grade4th grade1st grade

By the way Gavin seems so stoic here that it’s wrecking my heart.  Loves to sit in tree houses like a boy, but too grown to be photographed. Oh how they grow.

Welcome back…I love routine, like a lot.



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