Autumn Harvest Festival

written by Cheyla November 11, 2019

Our season at Wheat Brothers Farms has left me feeling such peace about where we have been and where I see this little roadside farmstand market going.

Thank you again to the lovely Rhiannon Hardesty Photography. It meant such a great deal to us to see these moments captured on film

My heart in this is to allow families to come and be blessed by getting their faces painted by the gracious Cynthia who also loves to bless those and comes to see the community flourish without a single donation. THAT is what makes it down to earth and wonderful. Yes, it’s small and quaint and keeps teaching our boys how much hard work does truly shape their characters. I really love to see children work diligently that when the first flow of people came thru they handled themselves like gentlemen and made this momma and daddy so stinking proud.

Gavin learned to help with the POS systems and learned how to serve those in need. Gibson and River took the smaller kiddos to see the chickens and explain their daily chores to each one.

Both River and Gibson played fisherman of candy carnival. They loved having any kid come and put there fishing pole behind their lemonade stand turned fishin’ hole for the day and retrieve a piece of candy. Oh boy you should have seen the faces of those littles. I could see the profound sense of self beaming from their little faces.

( thanks Yumi for this candid ) ♥️

The music from the lovely homegrown and down home Jodi gal made for some great bluegrass roots that filled this little farm and truly made the afternoon for me.

Thank you to my dear friend Yumi and her little one for coming and serving up the best ice cream this valley has to offer, Sweet Cream. Need ice cream for your special event, she’s your gal!

The beauty of Thanksgiving is now upon us and I for one am really quite happy it is.

Blessings Abundant,


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