Meet Cheyla

Christ Follower. Gibson’s Mama. Pizza Critique. Vintage Collector
Welcome to Wheat Brothers Farms. We’re glad you stopped by!
I’m Cheyla, the owner at Wheat Brothers Farms. I was born and bred here in the Rogue Valley and grew up on a farm in Central Point. That’s what started my adoration for farms, antiques and country life.
I love old junk and collecting items from the past, which is probably why I fell in love with our old farmhouse the minute I saw her. I could see what her potential and relish in the idea of taking something that many wouldn’t want and turning into something new. I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends and Sunday mornings are my favorite time of the week. I have an affection for plaid and bunting. Yellow is my favorite color and I enjoy getting all gussied up. Say hi if you see me in town driving in my mint green old Ford pick-up named Pearl.



Wheat Brothers Farms History

“A mile south of the town I stopped at the farm of the Earhart brothers. They are big, husky farmer boys, with as fine a farm as ever eye looked upon. Their winter wheat was already five or six inches high; their comfortable home bore every evidence of thrift. But what drew my attention was not the wheat, fine as it was. It was a grapevine, not a mite over six inches through, that covered the house, ran along from tree to tree in the yard, and must have been over 150 feet long. This mammoth vine is the only one they have, and its yearly yield is over 500 pounds of luscious grapes. Such is the wonderfully prolific nature of this soil and climate that I find it hard to grasp the wonders that I see in fruit, grain, vegetables and grass.” —D. R. McGinnis, “How’s This for a Balmy Climate?” Morning Oregonian, Portland, June 2, 1905, page 6 This old farmhouse has truly watched this valley grow-up.  It has churned our butter and grew our wheat at the turn of the century, fed generations of families, weathered the rains of uncertainty and has now withstood two pandemics. She has lived through no less than eighteen sitting US presidents, two world wars, sickness and disease, a stock markets crash, grievance of death and brilliance of life. The ticker tape running thru my mind of her accomplishments is remarkable. We welcome you to stop by and enjoy the scenery, pick up a homemade pie and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee from Longhorn Coffee Bar & Saloon.


Our Story at Wheat Brothers Farms

Wheat Brothers Farms is our little slice of heaven. Situated in the heart of downtown Medford, we are in the middle of everything. The beauty of it though is that while you are here, you would think you are miles away from it all. How blessed am I that this is my farmhouse?! My home. My shelter. It deserves my absolute best because it gives me its very best and the reason that I want to share it with others. I look again at its structure and sigh— what a piece of remarkable history. I am honored to call her my very own.