A Summer Abroad

written by Cheyla September 12, 2018

We have been traveling in Europe for 14 days now and here’s what I have found one must bring along to make the journey all that bearable:

  • Neck pillow, like, seriously a GOOD one. I have done a lot of traveling between cities and in a van or plane hopping from one city to the next, and it is absolutely crucial.
  • Hand sanitizer because well… germs are everywhere . Socks & a warm blanket that folds up. I bought one at  target and it was perfect and came with a pair of sleepy eye pads, which, for 5 hours of sitting on a tarmac for “limited air space” in Europe was a life saver. And apparently 5 hours on the Tarmac is a real honest to goodness thing.
  • Granola bars are essential when you almost miss your train to connection to the next destination or your starving since not all food in Europe is tasty.
  • Be sure to bring two pairs of sunnie’s. I wasn’t sure I needed them, but just in case you lose one, it brings peace of mind.
  • When traveling abroad it is always a good idea to bring a copy of all your passports and ID, and a folder in your email for all correspondence regarding tickets for shows, events, and travel arrangements. They do have internet here, but nothing like America kids, we have it so plush and easy.
  • One important lesson… Don’t get fancy nails. No commerce is open and if your traveldays fall on weekdays then your out of luck pretty lady. Just like me. It became comical when my sweetheart’s mom and I looked in each city. but never could get them done since we arrived too late and always left on a Monday. It became a running joke in our family traveling group as did the moment she and I went to the men’s bathroom at different times, but that will be a story for another time. Just know to really look at the pictures on men’s and women’s “toilets”. Gawd that was so funny.
  • Cold medicine. vitamin C packets and Ibuprofen. Because if you don’t, you’ll be looking for a “chemist” which by the way isn’t open on a weekend so if you get ill…and need some cold meds you’ll be waiting until you die or until Monday, whichever comes first just kidding .. sorta.
  • Chargers. K- if your a gadgets person don’t go to Europe. Kidding.. again kinda. They don’t have easily accessible plug ins. You’ll want to bring multiple European and International chargers. Chargers are crucial, but there are different outlets in Ireland and Scotland vs France. You’ll want as many as you feel you’d need to charge all your headphones. bricks, ipads, iphones and whatever else you’d want. My essentials were my Sony headphones which are worth the money especially on a tarmac for 5 hours with a screaming toddler. Did i mention that yet? Be overly prepared. Yup, that happened. Thank goodness we had stopped at the Dalwinnie distillery in Scotland and had some left over whiskey & the best crafted chocolates I’ve ever had so much so the chocolatier makes them for Queen Elizabeth if that gives you any idea of how much I loved those hazelnut chocolates.
  • Do yourself a favor and make sure to download all your music to your phone. It’s worth the time, promise.
  • Bring a leather jacket- it’s chic and practical.  
  • Smile. It goes a long way, and don’t panic if things get a little rough remember it’s an experience and being that I have traveled much in my life I know that every obstacle we can learn from.
  • The day before, have a friend come over to go over any last minute details of your suitcase and make sure all logistics are ironed out and you’ve packed enough toothpaste. That was so helpful as I was feeling anxious about over two weeks abroad.
  • Charge your toothbrush and any bathroom electronics the day before your trip, they should last the two weeks.
  • Blow dryers are useless don’t bring them, they have one everywhere you go.
  • Uber in Paris is affordable.
  • French women show bra.
  • Hold tight- Parisian drivers are Whoa crazy.
  • There are no definite? lines in traffic
  • Use google translator for communication with your Uber drivers in Paris. That was a game changer.

  • Invest in suitcases that are full mobility. It will be a time saver as well as a back saver. We bought these on Amazon and is worth every penny.
  • I began to store away stuff I loved for the trip about a year in advance and could picture wearing in any city we visited and that they wore well. That helped when you finalize packing the day before.
  • One moment in London standing near the base of Big Ben I thought why didn’t we check for construction!? Unfortunately the entire south and west side of Big Ben and Westminster Abby was covered in scaffolding and unrecognizable. 
  • I loved Ireland the most. The smells, music, and people. They know hospitality and truly was the cleanest of places we traveled too and for me that is really important.

These are my opinions and my take on these situations and events, not to be misconstrued.

Donovan’s tips:

  • Bring hot sauce
  • A good pair of walking shoes we clocked over 60 miles until my iWatch died.. again with the chargers.
  • Experience a men’s barbershop the “works”

One more thing…Get a massage!



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