A Greenhouse

written by Cheyla May 4, 2020

Donovan built me a greenhouse!

I’ve been dreaming about having my own greenhouse and English garden ever since we left Europe in 2018. Beautiful open windows, ample produce for our family and just the right amount of character.

When we first decided to add a greenhouse, we thought we could use the old rustic windows that had been removed from our 1910 farmhouse. However, the more we thought about it, we decided that while we love chippy and white, one-hundred year-old glass panes and three boys didn’t go very well. Instead we opted for the Costco version and bought the Harmony 6x8ft greenhouse. It’s design is still full of charm and character and of course includes touches of that old-world English panache.

Even in the short time that we have had it, the greenhouse has become a place I enjoy quietly sitting and reading my bible. It’s a place I can be warm on a chilly Spring morning and I’m quite loving how its presence is so unique nestled in our little farm in the city. We’ve also added bits of character and the newest addition to be added, darling pickets my friend, Sara, so graciously gave to us. These old wooden delights will add so much charm around the greenhouse exterior. 

As for the garden, the seedlings have started their deep root systems. Gibson and I have enjoyed watching our watermelon pop-up in rows and we are just really hoping we see the “fruits of our labors” handsomely rewarded with bountiful corn, tomatoes, kale & watermelon to enjoy this Summer.

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