A Christmas Tale

written by Cheyla December 5, 2017
A Christmas Tale

Christmas of 2000 was very fond as I recall it now so many years later. I’ll never forget, my brother and his family were home for the holiday and were all bunkered down in the living room at my momma’s. My sweet nephews were all snuggled up in their beds and pillow forts anxiously awaiting the moment to bestow they’re eyes upon what jolly ole saint Nicholas had brought them. Ross being the oldest at 8 could barely stand waiting, but Corbin knew one thing about Papa Geek, his grandfather, my step-father, and that was 1) he had quite the sense of humor and 2) we had best all stay in our beds until we were told to come out. The coffee pot was brewing and the scent filled the air with that Christmas morning smell that only that one day a year brings. I don’t know how, but for me that day smells just a tiny bit sweeter, and personally my heart feels so much lighter than all year. It’s a joy unspeakable that bubbles out of me every Christmas morning with the smile of what’s to come, and renewed hope that my Savior has been born. I cherish Christmas morning, I really do.

Tie Dye Onesies and Reindeer Antlers

I hear them down the hall, my mom and daddy-o, with their giggling and deep belly laughing. Which turned into my mom snorting when she laughed so hard and couldn’t contain herself as only she does, and did so often when that man was still with us this side of heaven. Then I see them as they begin down the hallway towards our living room. I can’t believe this. How? How did she convince him to do this or to wear THAT? And just like that they were standing in front of us all in their one piece tie dye onesies and reindeer antlers. The room was silent and then my brother, Chad, laughed so hard and so loud the room exploded. Two couple ole geezers dressed like Jerry Garcia at Woodstock if Woodstock would have been held at Christmas in 1969. I simply could NOT contain myself and laughter poured through our home.

Never Too Old to Play Dress Up

When I think about Christmas’ past, I often think of this moment, then I sit a moment to relive it as a young girl and to remind myself one is never too old to play dress up and make the children laugh. Let us remember we are never too old to find the joy in us at Christmas, and let it spill to overflowing love as we spend time with our families and friends.

Cherish your loved ones while they’re here, because one Christmas you will think fondly of them and smile, and perhaps a good laugh will follow.

May you know you’re loved at Christmas, and every day, by the One who came to be your Redeemer, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Merry Christmas,

Cheyla Breedlove Wheat Brothers Farms

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Paula December 6, 2017 at 4:44 am

Cheyla, you have such a gift! Loved reading your stories and I can’t get the visual of the tie dyed onesies out of my head. Thank you for the inspiration.


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